published work

Photography + Writing

Oman, You’ve Got to be Kidding Me / Lufthansa Magasin Women’s World, February 2019

Globally Sourced - Meeting Hawaii’s Ethnic Groceries / PALM Magazine

Meet the Hawaiian Lei Maker Keeping Traditions Alive / BESE.com, Jan. 2019

South American Splendor / HILuxury Magazine, Nov. 2018

The Gift of Rain - A Guide to North Shore Kauai / Flux Magazine, Jan.2018

The Perfect Weekend in Seville, Spain / PALM Magazine

Yancy Finds His Center - An Afternoon on the West Side with MMA Fighter Yancy Medeiros / Flux Magazine, Jan. 2018

The Rocha Coast: Exploring Uruguay’s Eastern Shores / Suitcase Magazine, Oct. 2017

All in a Day's Work - The Life of a Sakada in Hawaii's Sugar Plantation / Flux Magazine, June 2016

Escape! To Hana, Maui / Flux Magazine

Meals on Wheels - Food Trucks on Oahu's North Shore / Kikaha by Island Air

A Taste of Time - Hawaii's Taro Farmers / Kikaha by Island Air

Yancy's Day Off - A Tour of Oahu's Wild West / Vice/ Fightland, Oct. 2014

A Dublin Story / Wandering.Tv

Mixed Martial Arts in Oman / Vice/ Fightland, Aug. 2013

Photography Only

Gold Coast Girl - Profile of Blogger Nova Rizzo / Modern Luxury Hawaii, Holiday 2018

Escape Artist - Profile of Artist Hadley Nunes / Modern Luxury Hawaii, Holiday 2018

Seniors Strike Back / Flux Magazine, Nov. 2018

Salt of the Earth - The Growing Neighborhood of Kaka’ako / Flux Magazine, Nov. 2018

Oahu resort's $3,500 high-intensity hula class will leave you breathless / LATimes.com, Sept. 2018

A Hula Unearthed / Flux Magazine, Nov.2017

A School Upon A Hill - David Malo Day at Lahainaluna High School / Flux Magazine, Oct. 2016

Surf & See with Bethany Hamilton / HILuxury Magazine, May 2016

Tying the Knot - Profile of Oahu Fisherman / Halekulani Living

Seeds & Stone / Kikaha by Island Air 

Writing Only

A Day with Captain Ross / Modern Luxury Hawaii, July 2019

Midcentury Modern Momentos - Profile of Illustrator Nick Kuchar / Modern Luxury Hawaii, Insider’s Guide 2019

Guide to Lana’i and Moloka’i / Modern Luxury Hawaii, Insider’s Guide 2019

Ladies Who Lounge - Interview with Illustrator Margaret Rice / Modern Luxury Hawaii, Insider’s Guide 2019

Pukas and Pearls - Profile of Jeweler Perri Ricci / Modern Luxury Hawaii, Insider’s Guide 2019

From Hawaii to Rapa Nui - What’s New at Bishop Museum / Modern Luxury Hawaii, Insider’s Guide 2019

An Eastern Adventure with an Easy Income in Oman / Investment Abroad